Protecting Your Feet

Runners, Keep Those Feet Happy And Healthy!

Running is a classic sport that can be traced back to ancient Greece and beyond. It's a great way to release tension, lose weight, and stay fit. Running is cheap, and almost anyone can participate. However, there is the potential for injury if you don't run in a smart and safe way. Here are four tips to keep your feet in great shape as a runner:

1. Choose the right shoes.

Wearing the right shoes while you run can save you from many injuries down the line. Running is an inexpensive sport, but you should not buy inferior running shoes. Have your gait analyzed before you go shoe shopping. Your podiatrist will have you run on a treadmill, both barefoot and while wearing shoes, in order to observe your running form. Based on this information, your podiatrist can recommend the type of running shoes that are best for your feet.

2. Warm up and stretch after runs.

You have your perfect running shoes, and now you're excited to get out there and hit the trails. Before you start running, however, it's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries. Start out at a moderate walking pace for the first 5-10 minutes of your run, in order to loosen up your muscles. Once you have finished running, take the time to thoroughly stretch your leg muscles. This will prevent injuries, and you'll also feel less sore the next day.

3. Start slowly.

If you're new to running, you should start off slowly. As a beginner, you should expect to run and walk in alternating intervals, suggests Runner's World. Even if the workout seems to easy for you, starting small and gradually increasing the intensity of your runs is the best plan for remaining injury-free. Your feet and body will build strength and endurance over time, but you can't rush it.

4. Get yearly foot check-ups!

You go to the doctor every year for your annual wellness exam, but if you are a habitual runner, you should also stop in at your podiatrist's office. Many running injuries are caused by improper running form, and they can be exacerbated over time. Your podiatrist can perform regular foot check-ups in order to make sure everything is still in good working order. By catching problems like tendonitis and stress injuries early, your doctor can treat them and prevent them from worsening over time.

Don't wait until something goes wrong! Take care of your feet each and every day. By following these four guidelines, you'll be able to run safely and comfortably for many years to come. For more information, talk to a professional, like those at Allied Ankle & Foot Care Centers PC.