Protecting Your Feet

Why Shoes Matter: What You Put on Your Feet Directly Impacts Your Foot Health

While you may love your flat, $2 flip-flops, your feet probably don't. Comfortable at first, these types of sandals offer no long term support for your feet. This lack of support can cause problems with your feet over time. From arches that fall to bone spurs that form, all because your feet didn't get enough support while you were walking. Other shoes, such as high heels, may feel supportive, but your feet are in such an awkward position when the shoes are on that walking can be difficult. While you may be able to wear these types of shoes when you are young, continual use of shoes that make your feet contort into odd shapes while walking will wreak havoc on your future foot health.

The Development of Bunions

While bunions can be hereditary, many people develop bunions because of the shoes they wear or the way they walk. A bunion forms when the big toe starts pointing towards the other toes, and the joint below the big toe becomes swollen. Arthritis can play a factor in the development of bunions, and better shoes are often the first step towards relieving bunion pain.

When Shoes Are Too Tight

While it's somewhat of a mystery why anyone would cram their feet into shoes that are too tight, plenty of people do. Whether it is for fashion, or to make the feet look smaller, wearing shoes that are too tight can cause all kinds of problems with the feet. If the feet are still growing, as with a younger child, tight shoes can cause foot deformities and corns to develop. Always wear shoes that fit you properly, even if you have to go up a size to do it.

When Your Arches Aren't Supported

If you're over forty, you probably didn't think about arch support in your twenties, but now you look for this when you are buying your shoes. This is because, over time, your arches become sore from wearing shoes with no arch support. While this doesn't cause you as many problems when you are younger, as you get older you are more susceptible to every day aches and pains. Relieving foot pain is one of the best ways to remain active, and this is done by wearing shoes that support your arches.

What you put on your feet has a direct impact on your foot health, so choose your shoes wisely. For tips on choosing the right shoes and for more information about these foot conditions, talk to a podiatrist like those at Collier Podiatry PA.