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About Hammer Toe Causes And Surgeries To Correct It

Hammer toe can affect your middle three toes. It is a condition that causes the middle joint of the toe to bend in a way that resembles a hammer, which is why it is called this. The condition can cause you to experience a lot of pain in that area. Also, hammer toe can cause other issues, such as calluses and blisters where the toe ends up rubbing against the inside of the shoes you wear due to its deformity. The toe can end up becoming very swollen, and it can become harder to walk. You can learn about the causes of hammer toe and when surgery may be the best form of treatment for you to go with in the information offered below. 

The common causes of hammer toe

There are a number of things that can lead to the development of hammer toe. One of the causes that is the easiest one to prevent is wearing shoes that don't fit correctly. Shoes that fit too tightly or high-heeled shoes are examples of ones that can cause hammer toes. Flat feet, high arches, and genetics can also lead to hammer toe. 

Reasons why surgery may be the right treatment option for you

There are a number of treatments for hammer toe. Some of these include physical therapy, foot aids to be worn in shoes, splints, and more. However, when these treatments fail or the hammer toe is severe, then surgery may be the best option. 

There are also different types of surgery used to correct hammer toes. The type of surgery chosen will depend on several factors, such as the severity of the hammer toe, other health factors, and the type of hammer toe the person has. 

One of the types of surgery that may be used is called arthrodesis. This surgery is done by removing a part of the bone in the joint that has become fused. This will allow the toe to straighten out once again. 

Another type of surgery for hammer toe is a tendon lengthening surgery. This is used for hammer toes that are caused by tendons that are too short. It will lengthen the tendons in a way that lets the toe once again straighten out. 

There is also a surgery for hammer toe called a tendon transfer. This is for someone with a hammer toe that is flexible. The surgery involves using some of the tendon from the bottom of the toe on the top to correct the hammer toe.

Contact a podiatrist for more information about hammer toe surgery options.